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Force & Torque Measurement Experts

Our engineers and technicians have over one hundred years of accumulated design, laboratory, and field experience. Our projects range from mundane to challenging to extremely complex. We have designed force and torque sensors that operate in the deepest depths of the earth’s oceans to our furthest reaches of space. The more unusual or custom the application, the more our expertise can make your project a success.

Precision Measurement Products

We serve all industries where force and torque measurement products are required. Our products include all of the standard load cells and torque sensors available from beam, “S” type and single point load cells to reaction and rotating torque sensors. Our products have gone where no others have gone before.
load cells

Load Cells

Sensing Systems offers custom solutions for all force measurement applications. We manufacture load cells in all capacities and configurations, from standard off-the-shelf to fully custom designs.
torque sensors

Torque Sensors

Complete solutions for all torque transducer measurement applications. We offer “Custom Off the Shelf” units by matching the required application to our existing designs.

force torque strain gage sensor calibration equipment

Calibration Equipment

Sensing Systems offers a variety of standard and custom kits for any force or torque calibration needs, enabling companies to in-source their calibration needs.
instrumentation and electonics strain gage torque force sensors

Instrumentation & Electronics

All our sensors may be interfaced with electronic equipment to display, monitor, log, and analyze the desired measurements.

Reliable Measurement Services

Sensing Systems provides engineering, testing, calibration, and measurement services in-house and at customers’ facilities.
strain gauging services

Strain Gauging

In-house and field strain gauging services to measure experimental or real-world stress and strain measurements.

force torque sensor calibration

Calibration Services

Force and torque calibrations on sensors and transducers. We offer standard calibrations to industry specifications or fully customized calibrations.

force torque measurement products construction steel wood industry strain gage

Field Measurements

Sensing Systems personnel travel around the world performing tests, installing sensors and acquiring data. 

sensing systems

Sensor Design Services

Sensing Systems engineers work with our customers to develop strain gauge sensors suited to fit their requirements.