Sensing Systems manufactures load and torque sensors. We combine our considerable design capabilities with our experience in harsh environments to address the measurement needs of the marine and oil industry. We are the main supplier of underwater/submersible load cells and force sensors for the major offshore exploration and oceanographic institutions around the world. Our sensors are used to measure:

  • Rigging loads
  • Anchoring loads
  • Towing loads
  • Winch torque
  • Hull stress and deflection
  • Mooring Loads
  • Fish Cage Loads
  • Sheave Loads
  • Torque and Horsepower in Engines, Motors, Pumps and Waterjets
  • Sensors for commercial vessels
  • Sensors for sailing vessels

Our sensors are fully submersible and operate in a wide range of challenging environments. They are used by research vessels, tankers, ferries, offshore platforms, fishing vessels and pleasure craft.

We also provide services to obtain Torque and Horsepower Measurements in the drivetrains of marine vessels and perform vibration surveys to detect and diagnose operating problems. Please visit our Services page for the full range of available measurement services and strain gauge applications.