Force and Torque measurement products and services for the robotics industry

Force and torque sensing are critical measurements in robotics control systems. Every movement and force exhibited by a robotic actuation generates a corresponding force or torque that can be measured and used to control the overall robotic system. These force and torque measurements can be wired back to central onboard processing and be used in real time to control the system movement within precision that is not possible with other less accurate solutions.

Sensing Systems works with many robotics manufacturers to integrate force and torque sensing electronics within the overall robot assembly.  More often than not, this includes a custom sensor design to interact, assemble, and fit within existing assembly geometries.  Sensing Systems engineers have the expertise to work with existing components and design a precision force or torque sensor specific to the exact geometry and measurement capacity requirements.

The most compact approach involves retrofitting sensor geometry and electronics within an existing part.  Common parts to turn into a load cell or force sensor include pneumatic or hydraulic tie rod cylinders, washers or bushings, pin linkages, or final touch points such as robotic hands, fingers, or feet.  Typical torque measurements involve motor output where we can incorporate a torque sensor in line with a motor input/output geometry or hole pattern.

If required, Sensing Systems can also propose specific custom geometry sensors designed to the exact force or torque measurement range needed.  These meet precision measurement error requirements while accounting for application specific off axis loads, operating environments, or any other customer specification unable to be met by a standard off the shelf component.

A custom sensor can typically be manufactured, calibrated, and shipped in 4 weeks.  Sensing Systems will work with you to build and test a single prototype all the way through to production quantities.  Customer specific quantities, shipment schedules, test and calibration requirements, and documentation are all possible and we will work with you to determine the best possible approach that meets both overall schedule and cost requirements.

Do you have a specific need?

Please reach out to Sensing Systems with your requirements and any questions you may have. An engineer will discuss your specific application in detail, generate preliminary product documentation, and provide a quote after you have reviewed and signed off on the product specifications.