Load Cells and Torque Sensors For Pharmaceutical Application

Sensing Systems serves the pharmaceutical industry with measurement products and services. Our products and services fulfill a wide variety of measurement requirements for monitoring and control of research and production processes.

Load Cells and Torque Sensors For Pharmaceutical Application<br />

Sensing Systems designs and manufactures force and torque sensors specifically designed for pharmaceutical applications. The sensors are used to monitor and control Research and Development, Scale-up and Production activities in Tablet Presses, Mixers, and Roller Compactors. We have developed relationships with most tablet press manufacturers to design and produce sensors that monitor and control tablet press operations. The same is true of mixers and roller compactor manufacturers.

Our sensors are direct replacements of existing tablet press, mixer and roller compactor components with the ability to measure load and/or torque during normal operation. We often participate in research projects where special sensors are developed to measure a variable of interest. Sensors for very specific requirements such as punch displacement and radial wall pressure have evolved from these efforts.

We manufacture NIST traceable calibration kits to verify and periodically calibrate all tablet press and mixer sensors for compliance with cGMP requirements. The following are the most common sensors used with tablet presses, mixers and roller compactors by the pharmaceutical industry.

Load Cells and Torque Sensors For Pharmaceutical Application<br />
Pharmaceutical Sensors for special requirements such as punch displacement and radial wall pressure are also available.

All of our sensors are identical in form and function to the part they replace with the added benefit of a load or torque measurement. In addition, they can be interfaced to any data acquisition equipment available in the market.

Tablet presses and mixers are manufactured by several companies. Each model has its own geometry and set of parts requiring that the sensors be custom made for each press or mixer. Sensing Systems maintains a large database of designs for the majority of press manufacturers with new designs being continuously added.

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