Torque Measuring Units

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Torque Measuring Units

Torque, also known as Moment of Force, is the measure of rotational force.  It is quantified using various units, but always involves multiplying Force by Length:

Torque = Force × Length 

The internationally recognized unit for torque in the SI system is the newton meter (N·m).  Newton meters can be converted to various other units to express torque, but should always adhere to the same formula. Although you will often see reference to foot-pounds (ft·lbs) or inch-pounds (in·lbs), these are not accepted expressions of torque according to ASTM standards and NIST guidelines.  Some common accepted units of torque include:

  • Newton meter (N·m)
  • Pound-force foot (lbf·ft)
  • Pound-force inch (lbf·in).
  • Kilogram-force meter (kgf·m)
  • Ounce-force inch (ozf·in)
  • Gram-force inch (gf·in)

These units offer different scales and are used in various industries and disciplines, allowing for flexibility in measuring torque based on regional preferences, engineering requirements, and scientific standards.

Understanding Various Torque Measuring Units

Understanding torque measuring units is crucial for accurate and standardized torque measurement across industries. While the international standard unit for torque is the newton meter (N·m) in the SI system, other units such as pound-force foot (lbf·ft), pound-force inch (lbf·in), kilogram-force meter (kgf·m), ounce-force inch (ozf·in), and gram-force inch (gf·in) are also commonly used. These units offer different scales and are employed based on regional preferences, engineering requirements, and scientific standards. Ensuring consistency in torque measurement units is essential for precise calculations, reliable data interpretation, and effective communication within the industry.

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Calibration Equipment

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Instrumentation & Electronics

All our sensors may be interfaced with electronic equipment to display, monitor, log, and analyze the desired measurements.

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