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Sensing Systems is the premier manufacturer of underwater torque sensors for all applications

Our designs of underwater torque sensors allow them to be incorporated into any shape or configuration. Our sensors are used in direct contact with seawater in ocean depths up to 2 miles and around the world by oil companies, marine research institutions, medical device manufacturers, and the military. Our torque sensors may be supplied with underwater mateable connectors, integral cables, amplified high level signals, and other interfacing options.

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Reaction or stationary torque sensors are available for underwater service. These include any of our standard, custom, or OEM reaction torque sensors. Rotating torque sensors used for some underwater applications may require the use of rotating seals.

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Underwater Reaction Torque Sensor

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The design of Sensing Systems underwater torque sensors allows them to be incorporated into any shape or configuration. Sensing Systems’ approach is to incorporate our standard sensing elements into a shape that fits the customer’s application. This allows us to deliver underwater torque sensors matched to the customer’s application within a short period of time. The sensing elements in our underwater sensors include design features to properly encapsulate and waterproof the electronics from the harsh environment.


Capacities vary from 1 oz.in to 360,000 lbf.in for units requiring NIST traceable calibrations.


In addition to the underwater environment and high external hydrostatic pressure, our sensors can operate throughout a wide temperature range and can be exposed to corrosive environments. The range of temperatures is -452˚F to 450˚F (-269˚C to 230˚C). Service in chemically active and magnetic environments is also possible. A large amount of our small size/low capacity underwater sensors are used for testing medical devices in saline environments set to simulate the temperature of the human body (98.6˚F). These units are designed to undergo billions of load cycles.


Underwater torque sensors are used in a wide variety of applications and industries. Examples of applications include monitoring mooring loads for research buoys, monitoring dynamic loads on drill strings, testing medical devices in saline solutions, and determining hydrodynamic loads in underwater cages used for fish farming.

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