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How Strain Gauge Technology Can Help You

With numerous torque measurement products and weighing options in the technology fields, it is essential to know what will work best for your business. Strain gauge technology is known for its versatility and accuracy, which will allow you to be confident in your company’s work. Since it’s been around for years, it is well established, and can easily fit into your business needs. Read on for why you should consider investing in this great technology.

Tested and True

With numerous load cells using strain gauge technology for the last 40 years, this technology is tested and true in the field. In addition, research is constantly improving on the existing technology, ensuring that it is getting consistently better. You can rest assured that this will work for your company. You won’t have to deal with any new tech kinks.

Numerous Applications

Load cells using this technology are known for their accuracy and application. They are used within numerous torque measurement products, and are often used in weighing systems. They offer a non-intrusive and accurate measurement that comes in with an accuracy of 0.03 to 1%. In fields dependent on near perfect accuracy, this is essential! The other great thing is that because this technology is versatile, you can customize things to fit what your business needs. Numerous companies can help you tailor products to your specifications.

Accident Prevention

Electrochemical fatigue crack sensor systems are able to detect cracks as tiny as 0.01 inches in a structure. Technology like this ensures safety in a way that not many others can boast. Precise measurements mean less accidents in the field, so you have peace of mind.

Does your company use any similar products? What do you think about this technology? Do you think it would be a helpful investment? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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