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How To Ensure Torque Sensor Accuracy

When it comes to an accurate manufacturing process, your business will benefit from having the best tools possible. This is why torque sensor accuracy is key for all types of power tools. Torque sensors measure weight to ensure that a tool or machine is performing a function accurately according to torque measuring units. While the torque of the tools were likely measured during the quality assurance process, it’s still important for your business to test them for calibration.

Why is torque important for power tools?

In any mechanical process, it’s important that the timing of every part is correct. Torque sensors measure weight, triggering a certain mechanical action. But when these sensors are not calibrated correctly, they do not perform the proper functions. In the case of power tools, electric screwdrivers. drills, and saws need to respond properly when the operator turns it on.

A drill could have the necessary speed, but not move accurately. This results in a mis-sized hole in the material. This misalignment can also strip too much of the material away when drilling, preventing a screw or fastener from fitting into the product. By calibrating these sensors properly, an operator can ensure torque sensor accuracy and achieve a quality product.

How can you measure torque calibration?

Torque calibration involves comparing the measurements to two separate instruments. Once has the correct magnitude, as the standard device, and the other is the tools being tested. The operator can adjust the tool until it matched the standard device. Remember that even after you calibrate it, a tool might slowly move out of calibration over time. If you find that the torque sensors are constantly measuring incorrectly, it is likely time to purchase a new tool or to hire a professional.

Even in the smallest tools, it’s important for businesses to take torque measurements seriously. This ensures quality and safety for products, employees, and customers. For more information about torque measurement and calibration, contact the professionals at Sensing Systems. We are happy to help our customers find the right tools for their products and continue their commitment to quality.

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