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Best Practices for Torque Wrench Repair

In many manufacturing jobs, torque wrench measurements need to be fully accurate. This device was invented in New York City in 1918; a torque wrench is used to apply a particular torque to a fastener. If the tool is not successful, the entire process could be thrown off. When your torque equation seems off, it may just be because your wrench is not calibrated or has a similar issue. If you seem to be having these problems with your broken tool, try out these techniques for torque wrench repair to achieve accurate measurements of torque measuring units.


As with any tool, torque wrenches are impacted by general wear and tear. Most of time its means their calibration is often thrown off with age. To recalibrate your wrench, bend the wrench until the pointer is back at zero. By doing this, it should make the wrench more accurate.


You should disassemble the wrench and put it back together again, carefully checking for calibration errors. If the wrench parts were all off, you might notice that assembling it tightly and precisely will do the trick. Be sure only to do this if you feel confident in your knowledge of the wrench parts.

Clean It Out

If you use the wrench for auto purposes or other industries that require oil, you may notice some buildup in its crevices. When you take apart the wrench, wipe out its parts with a damp cloth. Also, you can clean the outside in the same way.

Check For Cracks Or Breaks

Sometimes, the metal has cracks or breaks. Check your wrench carefully for any signs of physical damage. If you find any, replacing the wrench is a safe solution. Sadly, tools do not always last forever. However, it’s important to know when your torque wrench repair is not fixable.

By practicing these basic care methods on your optimal torque equation, you can keep your wrench in top condition. Always be sure to clean and dry it often and keep it in a dry area. Also, be careful of who else you let borrow it. Applying these principles to not all the torque wrench but all your tools, you can continue to keep your projects being successful.

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